Friday, August 05, 2005

SS/Evis Rogue is More Dynamic Than You Think

Any SS/Evis rogues out there?
Regardless, I'm sure you've heard the comment, "SS/Evis is boring, all you do is stand there and spam SS."

Well, Psy is a combat rogue, and I must tell you, I do a heck of a lot more than just stand there and spam one key. Anyone who does that deserves to be ganked. Psy goes up against some pretty tough opponents, constantly challenging same level elites or multiple lower level elites. Elites are tough, admittedly, but any rogue who just wants to stand there spamming one key will quickly get slaughtered (unless that rogue's got some l337 gear, which Psy does not).

I'll give you an example: for some reason, other rogues like to challenge me to duels. Whatever. I duel, I win for the most part. What they don't usually expect, though, is a rogue with two maces (me) running around them in circles. Why, you may ask, would a mace rogue need to do that? Well, the rogues I've dueled are 9/10 BS rogues with their little steely knives. Nothing wrong with a BS build, mind you, but be prepared to get slaughtered if you don't get that perfect from-behind shot about three times in a duel. By running in circles (and sometimes just other evasion tactics), I nearly always avoid getting backstabbed, because the whole time I'm running, I'm facing my opponent. Now, I've been stopped in my tracks by a timely gouge, and then easily BSd, but that's usually the only opening I give. The most common thing said by a defeated opponent of mine is, "I couldn't hit you!" or "You dodged/parried like five times in a row!" That's the thing about rogues, and the compromise that you make: you can evade a lot, but when you finally get hit, OW, it hurts.

Compare to Pally or Warrior. They expect to be hit a lot. That why they have the nice, shiny armor. It's fun to be the tank! Actually, I've ended up being the tank in a lot of my parties because I tend to do the most damage. (Yeah, Billy, I know you caught up and passed me in damage, but let's see you take the hits I do!)

Actually, if any rogue happens to be reading this (or ever reads this), please describe for the audience how you effectively use Feint to avoid becoming the unwilling tank in a party. (BTW, if you didn't know this, healers HATE it when there is more than one tank. It's enough just to constantly heal one guy, without some other idiot (like me!) taking mega damage on the side for no good reason). And you don't wanna piss off healers. (Assuming they're any good).

And, if anyone has any other good tactics for doing mega damage without drawing all the aggro, please lemme know. I'll post good tips and give props.

Oh yeah, I had a point, right? I think if played well, ALL rogues have the opportunity to be fun and dynamic; i.e., not just some static, stand in one place rogue with only two keys. I use SS/evis, but I also use gouge (good way to cheaply build up some energy, as well as a CP),
KS (great way to save a tank or unfortunate healer/mage's life, or just to stop a runner),
blind (getting in over your head? trying to solo multiple elites? sap one, kill the other, when the sapped comes back, fight a few seconds, then blind, then you can apply bandages AND go back into stealth; all that = no wasting potions/vanish/or other timers) [my good friend, Jedix was nice enough to remind me that this tactic does NOT work in pve. If anyone has any evidence otherwise, I'd love to hear it. Thanks, Jed],
evade (don't use against a warrior.. owch... lesson learned! but great against multiple opponents),
CS (great opening for non BS rogues),
and much much more!

If you're a newer rogue, and haven't figured out all the neato stuff you have available, find a single mob 10 levels below you, and practice! Anyway, love the rogue.



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