Monday, August 08, 2005

The 5 Talent Point Blues

As I mentioned in the post below this, I have 5 unspent talent points, and I'm not sure where to put them. Let me iterate my thought process on this:

First of all, when I bring this subject up, the most often asked question to me is, "What's your build?" Well, that makes sense, but let me clarify the underlying question, and then the answer. "What's your build" is a combination of what you've so far developed in a character, talent-wise, what you see yourself developing in the future, and a subtle question about what your play style is. I started out like 90% of the rogues out there, as a dagger build. This is the most natural build because all rogues start out knowing only daggers, anyway.

As any good dagger rogue will tell you, it takes a lot of effort to successfully play a dagger rogue, due to the many variations of skills you can employ. ("A lot of buttons," says my friend, whereas a combat rogue only "mashes two"). You can read my earlier posts on what a misconception I believe this is, but that's neither here nor there. I do agree, however, that dagger rogues require a bit more finesse to fiddle with all those keys. Many of them use macros to swap weapons to get the most out of BS, but still be effective at SS. I tried a weapon swap macro, but never got it to work. So, I settled with using other skills and talents to make up for the lack of swapping.

Well, I met a guy who seemed to know a lot about rogues even though he was playing a warlock, and since I'm a rogue who knows a lot about warlocks, I didn't question his authority. He told me, being a dagger rogue before lvl 60 is not effective because there are no good lower level daggers (that cause mega damage). He told me to go find a particular mace (I forget the name offhand, but it's a 50-120 range mace that's best for priests because it adds to healing, but doesn't do much else), and spec for SS/Evis. That way, I'd be doing more overall damage (in main hand) with every hit. Now, Psy is my second rogue, and my first (got it up to lvl 42) I've always noticed it takes me forever to kill anything with daggers. Yeah, I get a decent ambush, but after that, it's such a pain to BS, and if you don't, you suffer a lot of damage from your enemy before you nickel and dime it to death. So, having nothing to lose, I went out in search of this wonderful mace and idea. I didn't respec at first, of course. I wanted to try out a mace, first. Well, I couldn't get my hands on that particular mace, so, I used some mace I had picked up earlier at first, kinda liked it, and then upgraded to the Bonesnapper I bought at the AH. Then I had a mace in each hand and was doing an unbelievable amount of DPS in addition to all the pain and suffering I was causing with SS and Evis. I was taking down mobs in 1/4 the time I was with daggers. (I know, all you dagger rogues are yelling right now, saying, "Well, if you KNEW how to PLAY a dagger rogue!"... all fine and good, you win, etc., but perhaps I wasn't cut out for daggers?). Anyway, THEN I respecced, and since about lvl 30 (when I started the mace fascination), I've been rocking the maces. (pvp and pve! I got Sergeant at lvl 50 just by doing a few BG runs (see the post and screenshot) and hanging out at Southshore).

So, I think with the advent of newer and better maces, I have potential to be a good mace rogue at lvl 54-60, and then maybe reconsider at 60. But, at this juncture... I have a lot on my mind. With a total of 11 more talent points to spend, I have to be careful or I'll force myself to respec early. Ungood. I'll start with the biggest issues and work down:

Master of Deception:
-I've heard (and experienced) the pros of this one, and nearly everyone tells me it's a must. My good informative friend, however, tells me that in pvp, with the addition of lag, the rogue has the advantage, even if seen, because stealth only breaks when actually attacked. Just because an opponent sees you before you're ready to strike doesn't mean stealth is broken. It just means you better strike quickly before the opponent strikes first. The opponent will also lag a bit on the client side, and perhaps see you too late. However, everyone admits they can see any non-MoD rogue from about 10 yards away, which destroys one of the rogue's best skills. The issue here is that MoD isn't really effective unless you put in the whole 5 points, which leaves me with 6. The other issue is whether to put those 5 points in now or later. If now, then I have to wait on something like Cold Blood. If later, will it hinder my opportunity to be useful in instances for sapping, and in BG or other pvp situations?

7th Tier:
-I've seen good advice on forums saying that there's no point in building up a talent tree if you're not going to use the most effective (end game) talent in that tree. I'm not so sure about this. I believe you can have a well-balanced, effective end game rogue without getting Vigor, Adrenaline Rush, or Premeditation, although the latter two are just awesome. My issue here is that I really don't want Vigor, but I really want Cold Blood. If I get Cold Blood, I'll never get Adrenaline Rush, which is pretty nice.

Cold Blood:
-To get CB, I have to either put (at least 3) points into Vile Poisons or Improved Instant Poison. I'm leaning towards IIP. I think IP will be the end-game necessity. Any opposition?

So, let's say I do this: 3 points in IIP, 1 point in CB. Leaves me with 1 unspent. 1 in MoD (virtually worthless, but I do have on Nightscape Boots). Then every level up to 60, put another in MoD. That leaves me with 2 unspent at lvl 60. I could put them in Vile Poisons, or find some other place for them. At least it's not 1. Any suggestions?

It's either that, or the reverse: 5 points in MoD now, 1 point in IIP for each level till it's at 5.

Or, something completely different! What say you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GEt Cold Blood.. fill in the pooints elsewhere yes MoD is AWESOME... but you have been without it this long you should be skilled in stealth tactics by now and wont miss it much.. UNLESS you are planing on doing Raid instances endgame.. then it MIGHT hurt.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006 10:35:00 PM  
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