Friday, August 19, 2005

Maces, Daggers, Swords, oh my!

So, for the heck of it, I dug around through my bank and grabbed a few older daggers that are still halfway decent, and decided to skill up in daggers, just to do a comparison.

What I'm looking for is:

Mace / Mace

Mace / Dagger

Dagger / Dagger

I want to see what ends up being the most efficient when it comes to dealing overall DPS. Right now, my mace build rocks (check two posts down). Now, I know that since I'm combat specced, my results will be skewed, but as I spent the last day or so building up my dagger skill, I was actually surprised at how much damage the daggers were doing with my current spec. I'm seriously considering keeping my build as is, but adding a weapon switch macro to take advantage of BS and other fun dagger stuff. I'm predicting that I'll ultimately choose Mace / Dagger, or even keep with Mace / Mace, and not bother with switching for BS moves, primarily because I haven't taken improved BS, which makes loads of difference. However, I do have increased chance of crits with BS, so it might even out. We shall see. Once dagger skill gets up to Maces, I'm going to post the damage meter screenshots from all three arrangements.

To do the test, I'm fighting lvl 50-52 scourge at Felstone Field. I'm going to use time as the factor, rather than number of hits, since obviously the daggers would skew the data in that respect. While I was playing around with double daggers, just to skill up, I was enjoying the fast pace of my movements. Made me feel more rogueish. The maces tend to make me feel like some warrior on speed. They're slower, but I love the KLUNK sound as they hit. I think I'll enjoy bouncing back and forth between the two weapon types, but I just don't think the daggers will ultimately give me as much joy.

After my dagger tests are done, I'll work on doing sword combo tests. The issue with swords is that they tend to be slow. Nearly as slow as maces. Since maces do more damage, I don't bother with swords. There are, of course, exceptions, but I don't have a great selection of swords personally. I'm poor! More soon.


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