Friday, December 23, 2005

Your Search Results...

On this blog, I use something called Sitemeter, which can tell me which links referred to this site. Most of the links I'm familiar with, and many times I will click a link to discover another WoW or game-related blog. It's a great opportunity for me to see who is reading this blog and perhaps what they might be interested in reading in the future, especially since I get more readers than commenters (and I can't read minds!).

What I get on a fairly regular basis, though, are search parameters on Yahoo, Google, blog search engines, and others. Most are obvious, "rogue + tactics." But many are humorous. My goal is to post the ones I find interesting, and keep it regularly updated. My other goal is to try to discern what the seeker was looking for, and perhaps adding to my list of future posts something addressing that issue. (In other words, these searchers will be brainstorming ideas for me).

I sound so cheap!

Anyway, I'm going to try to put the list in the right hand column in the near future, but will keep them here for now. Enjoy!

Search terms:

wow heck

war + song - gu + lch - fl + ag - au + to - pi + ck - u + p
(due to my blog getting hundreds and hundreds of hits from cheaters and exploiters, I'm having to shift around this phrase to throw off the search thingies; hopefully that'll get rid of most of 'em)

world of warcraft best evil character

world of warcraft mod to keep track of which mob you polymorph

wow rogue masks

Psyae [in google and in]

[yes, folks, people actually just use my name as a search parameter! I feel so loved!]

"world of warcraft" blog "shadow council"

lvl 60 rogue talent tree WOW

AU + TO - FL + AG - WOW - W + SG
(and this one... effin cheaters)

world warcraft warsong wsg raid invite macro

runescape millionaire [beats the hell out of me how anyone ever got to my site via this search!]

wow tactics

micro-economies [came up #6 on this one in -- I'm impressed!]

horde leveling rogue grinding

warlock hellfire grinding

world of warcraft rogue mo + d - c@p + ture the flag
(and this one... sheesh)

wow riposte macro

wow auto riposte macro

wow how to play a human rogue

Psyae’s WoW Et Cetera

Trent Reznor MCI Center

wow rogue gouge turn

silithus [from Yahoo! Japan]

Playing evil characters

wow rogue quests

Subtlety Rogue Setup

wow best hunter melee +1 crit assassination

wow rogue poison quest

nice rogue mods for wow

wow blue boe rogue

female evil

wow spammers

makeup [eh... great]


Blogger Jesse said...

I love doing that too! LOL.
My only good one is:

gitr a day [keeps the doctor away]

Saturday, December 31, 2005 9:21:00 PM  

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