Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Praise from Van Hemlock

Lately, I've been busy as one of the leaders of Pathos Hammer on Twisting Nether, along with Tomas and Elzandra. I've also been co-writing on Tomas' blogsite, Thus from what little attention I retain from having devoted time to that as well as my WoW time, I've lacked the opportunity to provide regular updates to WoW Et Cetera, much to the dismay, I'm sure, of my regular readers.

However, it's nice to know that someone out there not only appreciates my dedication, but also advertises for me! (for free, no less!) Can't beat that with a stick! Maybe a mace. But not a stick.

Van Hemlock (see link to right) recently "introduced" his list of "Monster-Hunters," among them is Psyae's WoW Et Cetera. Here's what he had to say about this blog:

Psyae’s WoW Et Cetera: A long running World of Warcraft blog run by Psyae who, like Aggro Me, often opens her scope out well beyond the mere game itself. Some fascinating article-type posts there, in an accessible style that doesn’t require two years of prior WoW experience to appreciate.

Thanks, Van Hemlock!

I believe in an earlier post here, I introduced his site, and actually referred to it on some posts at I'll just briefly say, though, that I enjoy his site and look forward to his fairly frequent updates about his goings on in the virtual world. Recently, he's been experimenting with Second Life, a virtual world somewhat Sims-like, but with much more flexibility. Van Hemlock has some coding background, I believe, and he's been taking it slowly. Although I've considered venturing into the Second Life world, my lack of extensive coding experience has given me pause. I think at this point, I prefer to read Van Hemlock's account of his experiences there.

Again, thanks for the plug!

[look forward to an upcoming article on the pangs of starting and maintaining a guild in WoW]


Blogger Tolaknahs said...

Aahahahaha, the link to my site fits! That is probably what my name will be when the GM's get done with me:P

Can't think of any suggestions right now, but I will continue to look for any chance to point out your mistakes and critique you... err, I mean... =/

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 9:45:00 PM  

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