Friday, November 04, 2005

Quake CTF vs WoW

Back in the day, I primarily played a sniper in Quake CTF (Capture the Flag). I played it like a rogue with a one-shot, one-kill distance weapon. In CTF, as a sniper, you had to use the shadows, nooks, and crannies for your hiding spots so that you could take out that scout speeding across the bridge to snag your flag. (or, if you were an "offensive" sniper, you'd be out on the ledge, exposed, dancing back and forth to avoid getting hit, yourself, or even invading the enemy fort).

If you've never played Quake CTF, it's a simplified version of Warsong Gulch. Just imagine you're a hunter, and while standing on the top of your base, you are within range to shoot an enemy standing on the top of the opponent's base. That's how close it was. The earliest and most basic map had two walled forts, divided by a bit of very flat earth and a "river," spanned by a short bridge. There were two access points into each fort, and they were identical on both sides. You could cross the bridge and enter one of two front doors, and then either take the middle ramp down or jump down the "elevator" shaft, then wind your way to the flag and hike back up the ramps. Or, you could take the underground tunnel, which led from basement to basement, under a fairly vast amount of water (you cross the river this way, but underneath).

This setup guaranteed fairly quick rounds and constant action. There were a few common offensive and defensive techniques, one of which was to let a single scout rush into the enemy base, snag the flag and rush out (scouts were fast... too fast!). This somewhat reminds me of letting the rogue in WSG snag the flag, grab the speed boot in the tunnel, then when that wears out, kick in sprint. (I've done that a few times).

I suppose the primary difference would be relative lifespan. In Quake CTF, it was pretty easy to kill or be killed. Scouts get taken out by snipers in one shot, but they're hard to hit. Snipers have pretty shoddy armor, and if cornered are toast. Soldiers are the hardest to kill, in respect to armor. Of course, when you die, you instantly respawn in your base, and have at it again. Dying was par for the course. It was capping and killing that led you up the scoresheets. I was decent enough a sniper that my kill tally kept me near the top of the ladder more often than not.

The Questions of the Day are, What Quake CTF Class did you primarily play, and what WoW Class do you currently play? Is there a connection? Also, which Quake classes line up the best with WoW classes?

Quake CTF Classes:
Heavy Weapons Guy

WoW Classes:

Here is the info for each Quake CTF class, to help in the determination:

Special: Displays the status of each team's flag on CTF maps
Speed: Very fast
Health: 75
Armor: 50
Weapons: Single-barrel shotgun, nail gun and crowbar
Grenades: 3 caltrop canisters and 3 concussion grenades
Abilities:Disarms detpacks set by enemy demomen by touching them; Unmasks spies by touching them

Special: Toggles the sniper rifle zoom
Speed: medium
Health: 90
Armor: 50
Weapons: Nailgun, auto rifle, sniper rifle, and crowbar
Grenades: 2 hand grenades

Special: Reloads your currently selected weapon
Speed: Slow
Health: 100
Armor: 200
Weapons: Single-barrel shotgun, double-barrel shotgun, rocket launcher and crowbar
Grenades: 4 hand grenades and 1 nail grenade

Special: Detonates all your pipebombs
Speed: Medium
Health: 90
Armor: 100
Weapons: Single barrel shotgun, grenade launcher, pipebomb launcher, and crowbar
Grenades: 4 hand grenades and 4 MIRV
Abilities:Can set large explosive "detpacks" to clear new entrances to enemy base

Special: Selects the medkit
Speed: Fast
Health: 90
Armor: 100
Weapons: Medikit, single-barrel shotgun, double-barrel shotgun, and super nailgun
Grenades: 3 hand grenades and 2 concussion grenades
Abilities:an heal teammates with the medikit; Can automatically heals himself over time

Heavy Weapons Guy
Special: Selects the assault cannon
Speed: Very slow
Health: 100
Armor: 300
Weapons: Single-barrel shotgun, double-barrel shotgun, assault cannon, and crowbar
Grenades: 4 hand grenades and 1 MIRV grenade
Abilities:Doesn't get blown back as much by explosions

Special: Selects the flamethrower
Speed: Medium
Health: 100
Armor: 150
Weapons: Single-barrel shotgun, flamethrower, incendiary cannon, and crowbar
Grenades: 1 hand grenade and 4 napalm
Abilities:Wears flame retardant armor, making him impossible to set on fire

Special: Shows the disguise/feign menu
Speed: Medium
Health: 90
Armor: 100
Weapons: Tranquilizer gun, double-barrel shotgun, nailgun, and knife
Grenades: 2 hand grenades and 2 hallucination gas grenades
Abilities:Can disguise himself to look like any class, team or both; Can feign death loudly or quietly

Special: Shows the build menu
Speed: Medium
Health: 80
Armor: 50
Weapons: Railgun, double-barrel shotgun, and wrench
Grenades: 2 hand grenades and 2 EMP grenades
Abilities:Can build automatic sentry guns; Can build ammunition and armor dispensers; Can repair teammates armor by beating them with the wrench; Can create ammunition

So, what do you think? What's the best matchup?


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Blogger Psyae said...


Why do I even bother?

Friday, November 04, 2005 10:43:00 AM  
Blogger Psyae said...

My attempts so far:

Rogue: Spy, Scout
Hunter: Sniper
Mage: Pyro, Soldier
Priest/Druid: Medic
Shaman: Engineer
Warrior: HW Guy
Warlock: Pyro?
Paladin: Medic, Pyro, Soldier?

Friday, November 04, 2005 12:29:00 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

I don't remember there being classes in Quake CTF. I played Quake 3 and I think I remember there being a CTF in it. I spent more time playing UT (the original only) and loved CTF and DM. I always felt bad playing the hidden sniper, although a good headshot is so exhilarating (!!!). Although I rarely actually captured the flag, being in the foray and killing, double killing, triple killing, and killing sprees were my bread and butter of the events.

I'd say in a group arena, I'd want to be a tank, rogue, or mage. A tank and rogue combo would be deadly with the rogue coming in behind and using kidney shots and backstabs while the warrior pumps the life out the hard way. As a mage, I'd want to have some very crispy friends around for protection, but firing off frost and AOE spells like nuts with little or no regard to doing 'too much damage.'

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 10:04:00 AM  
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Anonymous Jimmy G said...

My word you've brought back the years here. No wonder my exam marks were so utterly poor at uni, I spent half my life on Quake CTF and the other half getting drunk!
I adored this game, in fact i'd say it's my favourite of all time. I used to like being demoman best and would commonly throw multiple pipebombs into the opponents charging area, before running out to the outside wall area and disposing of the snipers. If anyone knows if this game is still out there, i'd love to relive the memory. By the way, does anybody also remember the ranking system on the main game. The top man was someone of the nick "Sujoy Roy", who I believe was a Cambridge university student. I was catching him all the time but as term ended, so did my playing days!

Monday, May 25, 2009 2:03:00 PM  

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