Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lvl 55! And points allocated!

I got lvl 55 last night, and to reward myself, I allowed myself to allocate a few of my talent points. I finally decided on CB first, with 3 points in IIP to get there. That eats up 4 points, with 2 leftover, which I'll probably end up spending on MoD. Since it was late, I tested CB on some poor lvl 51 diseased bear in the plaguelands, and I don't think it'll be that difficult for me to use. I just have to remember that it's there now. I can't wait to use it in pvp. Of course, I was somewhat disappointed that a 5 CP Evis guaranteed to crit only did a little over 1000 hp, but I've gotten 1300 crits before, so I'll just have to see.

In general, tho, I was out and about with Jedix, who, according to my damage meter, had about 28% crit rate, as compared to my measily 18%. He says it's because of improved BS. I replied that in a group, he has much more opportunity to BS than solo (doh), but I'm sure with improved gouge, a rogue could get enough BS in to get a fairly high crit rate. The interesting thing, however, was that our overall damage was very close. So, my mace build is satisfactory when it comes to overall damage, but when Jedix hits 60, and get some mega damage daggers, that might change. Of course, when we were fighting mobs to obtain those stats, I had not yet bought CB or had IIP, so I'd like to see how the damage adds up now. Also, I was 54 when he was 55. Our gear was similar, but wait till my next post to see my gear. I'm pretty pleased with it for this level. (spent enough friggin gold on it!)


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