Monday, October 10, 2005

Doh! Where the Eff Are You, Psy???

I bet you're wondering, Where the hell did Psyae get off to? It's been like... years since she posted!

Bah... Okay. I bet you're not.

Well, I've still been WoWing (way too much). I hooked up with Tomas and pals from, and made a character on some RP server, Scarlet Crusade, or Simple Clowns, or something with SC. I never get these servers right in my head. Not enough room, ya know.

So, I power-leveled a rogue there fairly quickly, named Ayae. I didn't even bother trying the æ, even though there were plenty of people with funky shyte in their names. I just didn't want to deal with another forced name-change / arrogant GM issue. Bah.

Ayae is a damn fine rogue. Got her to 40 quickly, and with her beautiful mount, have risen to a lovely 44. Well, then the damn bastages that I went there for in the first place started scattering all over, and wanted to try out some newfangled RP/PVP or PVP/RP or whatever server. Like, what's the difference? (hint: NOTHING). It's a PVP server, through and through. Don't be fooled by rumors that they "enforce" RP there. It's bogus. Anyway, it's not an entirely bad place. It's neat, though, because it's just like it was on the very first day of retail, when everything was fresh and new, and YOU got to help form the world. So, it's like that again. The economy is weak, but the prices aren't entirely overbearing yet. Which means stuff is more affordable, but it also means you can barely sell your stuff for over vendor price. It's a challenge... you have to survive mostly on your own abilities.

Which, of course, is the benefit in being in a decent guild with inside trading.

Speaking of guilds... bah.

So, the SC guild I was in kinda fell apart. I'll leave out the details.

Anyway, Tomas and I thought about starting a guild. So, he did so. But on Twisting Nether, the PVPRP server. Bah... Well, I hadn't power leveled anything there!

(Interlude: What if. What if I had pooled all of the time and energy I've put into various characters scattered over at least 4 different servers, and then put all that time and energy into ONE character on ONE server? Man, I'd be like... Goddess PSYAE! Bow down before my might, mortal!... Ah, dreams)

Back to the feature presentation:

Okay, so, now I'm like #2 in this new guild, and it's not bad. I like it, I like Tomas. What don't I like? ME! Yeah, I made a decent rogue, but as Tomas put it, I just wasn't karmically attached to it like I had "connected" with Ayae. So, I pretty much had decided to dump that whole TN idea and shift back to SC. (heck, I nearly jumped back into Psyae's rotting skin for a jump at some epic sets!)

So, I created my own guild in SC, and it had a pretty good start. But I felt bad about Tomas. He had some good points about taking advantage of the opportunity to help develop a new world (server). Plus, my new friends kept shifting back and forth. I figured I could do the same.
I came up with a neat little trick. I made a clone of Ayae on TN! Just to see if it karmically fit, you could say. I decided that if I couldn't get comfortable on TN with that, then I'd drop TN entirely. Well, turns out, this clone is not only karmic, but also better than the original Ayae! Woot. So, the plan worked, and now I'm torn between being a high officer in one guild and the leader of another. Sigh.

And then... I did something REALLY bad.

I downloaded, installed, and signed up for...

Eve Online.

Ohh, it burns, it burns!!!

Don't worry, it'll take me at least a month or two just to learn the controls of the game. And there's no way I'm quitting WoW till I get a full epic set.... SOMEWHERE!

I plan to update this blog with regular reports of my adventures on all realms. However, one of the reasons for my recent hiatus is the fact that I got a "new" job that restricts a lot of my Internet access, so I have much less time to do updates. But I'll increase my efforts. Who needs sleep, anyway?

Plus, now that I'm a favorite link on Kill Ten Rats, I have a slew of new people to impress with my lyrical prowess! W00t!



Anonymous Winter said...

Yay for EVE! It is much fun once you get the hang of it, and in some ways it is good to have another game to play as the skills train ate a set rate regardless of whether you are on or offline.

Monday, October 10, 2005 5:15:00 PM  
Blogger Psyae said...

Yeah, waking myself up at 3am so that I can set another skill to train is fun as hell.


But better than SWG, where I had a dozen leveling macros running all night, every night, just to powerskill to Master Armorsmith, and then not be able to afford to make anything to sell, because all the farmers were undercutting the prices.


Well, yeah, Eve is much better so far, at least economically. If I want to run around shooting things or whatnot, (like "run" around), there are plenty of alternatives. I don't need one game with EVERYTHING. That'd be life....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 8:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Van Hemlock said...

Good luck with EVE

It's a good game, but once the inital 'Ooh Shiney!' fades a bit, you probably want to get involved in the Player Corporations side of it asap, as that is where the main event is, so to speak.

Best bet would to try and hook up with Ethic and Co on channel 'KTR' - I'm sure they can put you on the right track, and if all else fails, I'm sure there's some semi-relevant ranting some place in my blog history that might be useful. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 12:07:00 PM  
Blogger Psyae said...

Actually, already hooked up with Ethic. (Been a KTR fan for a while). And, actually already got invited to a Corporation. Yay for me.


I'll be shooting down pirates in no time!

Oh wait, I'm a scientist.

Pirates will be shooting me down in no time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 12:48:00 PM  

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