Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Movies Gallery of sorts

If you've seen some of my movies, and/or want to see more, I've got a website you can go to on a regular basis for updates without actually needing to see me announce it or post specific links. I'll post the link to the website here as well as on the sidebar. It's best to download the movie you want to watch, and then watch it locally. They aren't that big, so the downloads should be relatively quick.

Yes, you can HIRE me to film you! Okay, you don't need to pay me, but if you put in a request, I'll pop on your server (in any game I own), film you, edit it (music your choice or you can leave it up to me), and I will post it on my site for a limited time. If you have a guild raid you want to go on, and want it filmed, no problem. The best servers for me, obviously, are the ones I'm already on, but I can be bribed to make a new character on a different server. Just contact me for details.

Movies: Psy's Movies


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