Monday, March 12, 2007


Like, when you finally get to level 70 with the majority of your guild, and you've geared up a bit, but not a lot, and you're all working on getting attunements, keys, reputation, oboy...

What order should you really do all this stuff in?

Okay, lemme tell ya.

You should start by writing this stuff down. Even if it's on a post-it, it's helpful, because you can easily lose track of your goals, and it's also exciting to see those goals progress and realized.

There are two "tracks" you should focus on. A personal and a guild track.

Your personal track can be timed according to your own schedule, and progression varies tremendously from person to person. Personal tracks involve a few things:

-single/small group quest lines in each area
-reputation via repeatable quests

Allot yourself a certain amount of time per week to accomplish these things, and do them in a logical manner. Also, have backups and variety to keep you from getting bored. It's also a good idea to have backups in case you planned on farming one day, but find that your favorite farming area has been taken over by gankers. Stay and suffer, or go finish some of those quests? It's good to have choices. Also note that when you're doing these quests, most of them chain quests, you really don't "need" a guild, and you don't always have to keep bugging guild mates to fly from Netherstorm to Shadowmoon Valley to help you kill a few demons, especially when there are plenty of other "soloists" hanging around trying to accomplish the same thing. Be resourceful and social, and you'll accomplish a lot more with less burden on your guildies (who will feel obligated to help you, but regretful that you couldn't do more to help yourself).

When you get to the 5-man quests, *then* start asking the guild. Why is this a good time to do so? Because if your guildmates were anywhere as resourceful as you, they have also done the chains up to the 5-man quests, and have been biding their time with other progressions till more guidies get the quest. Don't freak out if you announce in guild chat that you need to do that quest, and no one responds. It happens. If you have an event manager addon or a forum or anything like that, use it. Be patient. Perhaps you've gotten the 5-man quicker than your guildies. Perhaps they're genuinely busy. Ask at times when there are plenty of guildies online to choose from, and ask the ones in the same or nearby areas (ask them with /whispers, and they'll be more likely to respond).

Personal progression is important for many reasons. It gives you an opportunity to upgrade your own items with quests or professions. It allows you to get instance quests. And it gives you a break from doing the same thing over and over, whatever that may be. Also, don't forget that you can progress solo (or with a few friends) in Eye of the Storm pvp, or arena pvp, both of which offer huge gear upgrades for relatively little effort. (you just have to be patient!)

Your guild track is generally managed by your guild leader and/or officers. There are so many instances, it can quickly get overwhelming, and officers and guildies can get confused about where the guild is headed, and why. Not only that, but the guild leader can often get off track. It's important to communicate the goals of the guild, and to make course corrections as needed.

Guilds should focus on having members available and assembled for the instances that correspond to level, gear, and experience. When you first get to Outlands, the order is:
-Blood Furnace
-Slave Pens
(plus Caverns of Time, Tempest Keep, etc.)

When most of the guild is at 70, the focus could shift to "end game" material.

Current starter end game stuff consists of Gruul's Lair and Karazhan. Gruul's Lair contains two bosses, and is a 25-man raid instance. Karazhan is a 10-man instance with 12+ bosses/minis. The alternative to those instances are the Heroic instances. Heroics are "upgrades" to the earlier 5-man instances, requiring Revered reputation with the factions generally controlling the area of the instances.

What I originally tried with my guild was getting keyed for Karazhan as quickly as possible (which includes a lot of instances I haven't mentioned), and working on acquiring gear to take on the Heroic instances. We took Attumen with ease, but got stuck on Moroes. Well, 5% away from not being stuck, but with extreme difficulty. After much investigation, I realized that in the Outlands, having a *single* guild focus is unrealistic. Here's what I currently think is the right way to do things:

-get keyed for Karazhan asap (yep, it's worth it)
-run Attumen runs every week (two epics each time)
-get everyone revered with Honor Hold and Cenarion Expedition asap (same time as keying for Karazhan, if possible)
-run Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens, Underbog at Heroic (you can do ONE run per instance per person per day).

Each Heroic boss is guaranteed to drop an epic.
Each Heroic bosses drop Badges of Justice for each teammate, which can be used to purchase very nice epic upgrades.

Once your guild gets to a comfortable level of gear (this is very subjective), then try Moroes.

Moroes is the *bridge* for Karazhan. Basically, if, without flasking and over-potting, you cannot take Moroes, then your gear is probably not sufficient. (Yeah, player class/role configurations are also very important, and obviously tweak those before you totally give up.)

I plan to take the guild up against Moroes once per week to test our relative gear strength level. During the week, I'll be pushing everyone to get their Heroic keys and to conquer the Heroic instances to gear up.

Once we take Moroes, I'll combine Heroic instances and Karazhan.

Once we've defeated about 3-4 Karazhan bosses, I'll throw in a Gruul's Lair run.


Hope DST didn't kill you guys like it did me!



Blogger GSH said...

I'm not really sure Moroes is a gear check. Admittedly, your tanks need to have solid gear, it doesn't seem to need too excessive.

From my perspective, Moroes is all about dealing with the adds. If you deal with the adds correctly, you win. If an add gets loose, you wipe.

The pressure is on your crowd control people. Shackle every 5s. Make macros to make CC easier. Pally fear.

So, unless your tanks are being instantly killed, or your dps can't down a cloth add in under 30s, I wouldn't really say it's a gear check.

I definately don't think you need heroic gear to do Moroes.

Saturday, March 17, 2007 3:45:00 AM  
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