Monday, March 19, 2007

Tunic of Assassination AND Abacus of Violent Odds with One Kill

So, we were planning on doing some raiding last night, but, as usual, we lacked a certain absolutely needed class. It's always tanks or healers. Last night, we were lacking healers.

Sometimes a smaller guild really doesn't do better. Ah well, we'll pull through.

I split up the guild so that we could do some supplemental instances. Sent one team into Steamvaults and the team I was in decided to head to The Mechanar.


Well, I had never been there. Turns out, it was lots of fun. Although the robots were immune to my poisons (and I hadn't brought sharpening stones), there were enough blood elves to go around to even out my damage.

It didn't take us too long to get to the final boss, Paletheon the Calculator. He was a toughie. Actually, it wasn't him, it was these little ghostie adds that he kept summoning. They were ripping through our clothies, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. We were cloth-heavy that night: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Mage, Priest. A great team, though, with superb players, so we got through stuff I'm sure was designed to kill us. Always helps to have some extra CC, anyway.

Well, as we're hacking away at the Calculator's health (oh, he's a blood elf, btw, not some robot), these ghostie things totally shred everyone in the group but the warrior and me. So, no healing, just a bit of tanking and dps, and we finally take the bastard down!

But, we had three casualties, so we waited for them to come back.

Lo and behold! The elevators were BLOCKED with the pink laser doorblocker thingies! WTF! The mages and priest couldn't get back to get their part of the key for that funky quest line, AND, we hadn't looted yet, so they couldn't even get access to the loot. Or, actually, one of them couldn't, because she released too soon after dying (thinking that mega-warrior Kyosan and mega-rogue Psyae wouldn't be able to defeat mega-calculator). That was irrelevant, anyway, because, after figuring that our teammates wouldn't be able to return, we looted, and....

The Tunic of Assassination AND the Abacus of Violent Odds (like, the ONLY reason for a rogue to even be in Mechanar that far) dropped!!! Wow, I was so excited and stuff.

Well, the Tunic is my first Assassination piece, and it's definitely an upgrade for my pvp set. I can't wait to spend all my money on some gems for it. Hah.

The Abacus is a great dps upgrade. We went to Shattered Halls afterwards to get some rep for our warrior (rep = heroic keys), and I got to test it out. Basically, the trinket gives 10 seconds of insanely high haste rating every two minutes (the cooldown). I'm going to be playing with macros in the next few days to try to maximize my usage of the trinket (like linking it to cheap shot or something, so that if it's not on cooldown, I'm using it every time I make an opening, which is probably something around 2 minutes). If anyone has better suggestions about that, lemme know.

Here are the Thottbot linkies to my lewts. Woot!



(I haven't gotten that thingy that lets you see items on mouseover, and not even sure Blogger lets you do that. Maybe I'll figure it out one day.)


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