Tuesday, August 23, 2005


This is at Shadow Hold, which is in Felwood. I had to escort this lovely NE lady from out of Shadow Hold, and then fight her dead ex-boyfriend (A lvl 53 elite). It's actually a fun quest to do solo. You first have to find some red key, which is a random drop from one of the shadow freaks who hang out around the hold area. I just thought her comment about needing a golden lasso was funny. Anyone here other than me get the reference?

This green kitty, temporarily mine, was also a Felwood quest character. After determining that certain moonwell water would cause an interesting contamination if ingested, some undead npc wants you to take her mutated kitty and drop it in the well. It enlarges quite a bit, and looks very cool. I wish I could have it as a pet. Sigh.

These two pics show the end of one of the Shadow Hold bosses. This guy has two succubi bodyguards (who obviously were overpaid). He's pretty easy to kill. If you're a rogue, just sneak up on the ledge behind him, drop down, sap him, kill the succubi, do some first aid, then kill him, making sure you don't let him cast anything. If you're not a rogue, just do your little thing that you do. You know... that thing. Anyway, I thought their death poses were nice enough for a screenshot.


Anonymous tomas said...

WOW - some great updates! I'm stuck in meetings today or I'd comment more. Will pop in later on.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 1:01:00 PM  
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