Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ESA Suit

Dmitri Williams on Terra Nova was an expert witness on the ESA v. Blagojevich case. I'll let you read all about it there, but it's quite interesting. I commented with a question: Was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich planning on appealing the ruling? I guess I was being lazy because this is something I have the capacity to research myself. News agencies reported, after the initial ruling, that the Governor did plan on appealing. However, I don't take the media all that seriously. So, I did my own bit of research, and discovered that, indeed, the Governor has already filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. I located the docket and posted the summary on Terra Nova, but I felt the full docket should be shown. Yes, it's publicly available information. However, I did have to pay for the service that allowed me to search for and save the information. I plan on checking the status of the case every few weeks and updating this post accordingly. Enjoy! (Thanks, Dmitri!)


US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
Case Summary
Court of Appeals Docket #: 06-1012 Filed: 1/3/06
Nsuit: 3950 Constitutnlty. St Stat-Fed Que
Entertainment Softwa, et al v. Blagojevich, Rod
Appeal from: United States District Court

Lower court information:
District: 0752-1 : 05 C 4265
Ordering Judge: Matthew F. Kennelly, Judge

1/3/06 Private civil case docketed. [06-1012] [1939591-1]
Transcript information sheet due 1/13/06. Appellant's brief
due 2/13/06 for Rod R. Blagojevich. (hudk) [06-1012]

1/3/06 Filed Appellant Rod R. Blagojevich docketing statement.
[06-1012] [1939595-1] (hudk) [06-1012]

1/3/06 [06-1012] ROA from No. Dist. of Il., E. Div. due 1/24/06.
(hudk) [06-1012]

1/11/06 ORDER: The court orders these appeals CONSOLIDATED for
purposes of briefing and disposition: [1940452-1] DW
[06-1012, 06-1029] Appellant's brief due 2/13/06 for Rod R.
Blagojevich in 06-1012, for Lisa Madigan in 06-1029
Appellee's brief due 3/15/06 for IL Retail Merchants in
06-1012, for Video Software Deale in 06-1012, for
Entertainment Softwa in 06-1012, for IL Retail Merchants in
06-1029, for Video Software Deale in 06-1029, for
Entertainment Softwa in 06-1029. Appellant's reply brief
due 3/29/06 for Rod R. Blagojevich in 06-1012, for Lisa
Madigan in 06-1029. (See order for further details.) (kell)
[06-1012 06-1029]


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