Monday, March 13, 2006

AB Notes Actually Being Read!

As I've mentioned previously, I like to see who is visiting my blog. I recently discovered that a certain guild alliance website had a link to my site, but since I'm not a guild member there, I didn't have access to the private forum where the post with the link was made. I registered for the general forum, and emailed an administrator, asking him to relay the content of the post (if possible), so that I'd have an idea of what was being said about the blog. (I don't get a lot of direct feedback). He was kind enough to copy/paste the post for me, and, because I can't seem to get enough self-plugs, I'll relay it here.

This is the response I was given:

We have a PVP and Battlegrounds forum in which that post originated. One of our officers started the thread and titled it "Awesome red on AB Tacticss..." The content is as follows:

Read this and comment please....

and this...

The first reply came from one of our most experienced PVP players who wrote..

"Excellent reads.

I would have put more emphasis on the leadership part of things, as good leadership could prevent such things as undefended stables, and unsuccessful and underdefended assaults. However, getting a good feel for tactics, and why they work or don't work, is helpful for getting a crew to anticipate orders, and coming to the point where a crew can go into autopilot without the leader having to say much.

Also, beware the antithesis of overextending. Opponents should be kept on the defensive as much as possible in order to prevent them from mounting any successful offense. Learn your opponent, know your position, and determine if it's possible to take four or five."

We play on the Burning Blade server and have recently really been having a ton of success in the battlegrounds where we used to get stomped on a regular basis. We've been gathering strategies and ideas from all over the place and these guys obviously felt your notes were insightful.

So, if you're on Burning Blade, and have an interest in this guild, take a look over at:

Looks like a good guild to be in for some great pvp action.

[Note, I've got an Arathi Basin Notes #3 up!]


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