Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hangover Recap

Whew. Last night was a doozie. First of all, I got slightly intoxicated because I get to work from home today. "Work." Yeah, that's a relative term. Don't worry, though, I'll get something done, I'm sure.

So, the events as I nearly recall them:

1) Bizarostormy, an old guildmate of mine from way back when I was on a different server (the guild there disbanded, came to the server I'm on now, started a new guild, it pretty much disbanded, and my mates are scattered all over... sorta), invites me to join the guild Billtrollo (another former guildmate) recently joined, called Dark Demise. It's supposedly a heavy MC and instance guild, which is exactly what I was looking for. So, I tell Biz okay, and I'm in, and then I'm told 90% of it consists of old ex-guildies. bah! Hate you, Biz. Not really. Well, somewhat. Anyway, I don't mind so much, because it turns out the guild IS very instance heavy, but seems to help out in just about anything needed. There are a good number of players in it an any particular time, and there were constant "invites" to go to this or that instance. So, I'm sure I'll endure for now. Although I liked the relative quiet of guildlessness.

2) I get invited to go to Strat Live. This is my absolute #1 very first invitation to a raid instance. So, obviously, I couldn't turn it down. Plus, I mistakenly believed it was a guildie who invited me (me not having learned all the names of the various guildies yet), but I didn't care either way, since I wasn't really there to get anything specific, but just to have fun while downing more alcohol. So, it's a mixed group, and Billtrollo is there, at first, till he rolls on something he needs, and everyone freaks out. The leader supposedly let everyone know what the rolling rules were, but I didn't even know. They were rather mean to Bill, so he left. Calling him n00b and shtuff. That's rude. Anyway, I didn't think Bill did anything wrong. They should have made it more clear what their rolling rules were, which apparently were this: BOE = everyone can roll. BOP = NO ONE rolls. So, if someone sees a BOP and the roll window pops up, everyone passes. Then they have time to determine whether anyone needs the item. And those who need it will roll /random 100 for it. If no one needs it, the enchanter will pick it up, DE it, and then everyone will roll for greed, and whoever wins gets the shard. If there's no enchanter, it's just a random roll for greed for the item. This is actually not a bad system, but only works if everyone on the team actually knows that's the system being used.

The more common rolling system (and the one I and apparently Bill believed them to be using) is BOE=G, BOP=N 1/1. I'm not sure how everyone actually displays it each time, but it works something like this: any green item (Bind on Equip) is up for grabs whether or not you need it. Meaning anyone and everyone can roll for it. On a Bind on Pickup (usually blue/purple) item, if you need it, roll for it (don't need to type N, because you just don't roll if it's G), but in a single instance, you can only actually get ONE blue and ONE set item. For instance, if you rolled for and got the first blue item that popped up, you cannot roll for any more BOP items throughout the rest of the instance unless it's a set item. If it's a set item, and you roll and get it, you can't roll for any BOP items from then on, period. Might seem a bit confusing at first, but it must work, since this is the system that most people that I've seen use. If you know of others, feel free to comment and post them. The more you know!

Anyway, so, with one player short, we did wipe once, but fortunately we had a warlock who had SS on the rezzer. We made it to some big baddie named, uh, Balnazzar or something, and kicked his behind.

Before we did, though, the team leader changed it to master loot. What this means is throw all those rolling rules out the window, because it's totally up to the leader of the team as to how the items are distributed. So, the leader linked each item, one at a time, and let us argue over whether we needed it or were just greedy for it. Well, some very nice ROGUE shoulders popped up, and I guess I was given some ability to roll for them, which I did. I was SO pissed that I rolled an 8. However, somehow, and I was so drunkish at this time, I had no idea what was going on, I ended up with them anyway!!! Woot! Yeah, they're not ShadowCraft (which is what the other rogue in the group wanted, and probably the only reason I ended up with them), but here they are:

Nice, eh? Anyway, that was only half the night!

Oh, one thing before I move on. If you're doing a raid group in one of these instances, don't get all slap-happy about trying to do your quests. Unless the quests are raid group specific, you won't be able to do them. I used to do some trick where if you're on a needed boss, you drop out of the raid group right before the boss dies, then you achieve the quest, and pop back in the raid group. I heard they disabled that. Confirm? So, no quests were done, but I didn't much care. I had funish and got goodish stuffish.

3) "Raided" Southshore. What I mean by this is that 1 on 1 or 1 on 2, I kicked some major booty in SS, but I wasn't in a raid group. I refuse (and last night had to refuse multiple times) invitations to pvp raid groups (outside of BG). The reasons for this are twofold. First, EVERY time I've gotten into a PVP raid group, some MORON kills a civilian, and I get a Dishonorable Kill. If you look at my honor right now, I have 4 DK. Meaning I've been in exactly 4 pvp raid groups. Never again!

The second reason is more tactical. It deals specifically with rogues. If you're in a raid group, chances are you're also in a team. If your teammates are in combat, so are you. What's this mean? You can't stealth. So, forget, for instance, sapping, then stealthing, and then doing some other rogueish thing. This makes rogues very vulnerable, and I know few good rogues who get into raid groups. Plus, generally, raid group tactics are chaotic at best, and rogue tactics often go an entirely different route. I'm almost always on the OTHER side of the enemy, looking for healers and people recovering near the back of enemy lines. Anyway, I still get plenty of HK on my own, since I'm constantly looking for higher levels to gank. I know what you're probably thinking, "I hate rogues!" Yeah yeah, well, I actually have some "honor" in my ganking decision-making. I have a system. If you're grey to me, I ignore you unless 1) you attack me, or 2) you assist someone in attacking me or someone in my faction. Easy enough. When I go to Southshore to gank, I sneak all the way to the inn just to find complacent higher levels, and gank them right in the middle of town. Yeah, I know. You hate rogues.

Well, it looks as though, despite BG stealing all the pvp, the back and forth between TM and SS is livening up.

QUERY: (answer this or suffer much wrath)

-What is the music (if any) you play most often when playing WoW, or are you still a n00b, and listen to the WoW built-in music?


Blogger Theodred said...

I'm noob and listen to the marvellous built in music!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 9:59:00 AM  
Anonymous tomas said...

I'm a perpetual N00b - but tend to usually have to have to volume off so that I don't aggro my kids and piss my wife off when she's trying to put them to bed :)

As far as loot rolling goes - it's the most devisive bit of any group function that I've seen. More often than not - the loot rules *aren't* put out before hand - they're just assumed. For a lot of folks this works because they tend to instance together. For others - it's a bit of a problem.

We've all probably done a few inadvertant ninja loots until we learned better. What sucks is when you get beat about the head and shoulders because you rolled on something that seemed fair game - but wasn't - and you were the only one that didn't know.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:58:00 AM  
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